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You’re standing on the stage, all eyes on you.

You’ve got what it takes, but what’s a rock star without someone to help them write their hits?

We can’t all be Sia or John Lennon. But with me by your side? You can be Madonna, Frank Sinatra, or any other groovy music maker that didn’t write their own stuff.

My claim to fame?

Conversion copy that kills apathy.


I inspire people to crowd surf all the way to the stage—because they adore you, your voice and your values in a way that only raving fans can.

Hi, I’m Chanti.

Apart from hosting daily living room dance parties,
I write persuasive conversion copy
for brands and businesses that are driven to create a healthier, happier world.

I believe…

There’s nothing worse than neutrality. I nail your brand voice so that you can attract the RIGHT clients and customers and repel the ones that will make you want to rip your hair out.

People want to feel something. If they don’t, they’re gone like a goldfish’s attention span.

Boring is the enemy. Traditional isn’t always best. Unconventional and unafraid is the way of the future.

I’m a rare unicorn of strategic marketing savvy meets storyteller.

My unique prowess paves the path to more profit, connections and hypothetical jams that your audience can’t help but rock out to.

Just how do I do that?

  • In-depth customer research, because your success isn’t a guessing game.
  • By infusing your message with stories that resonate with real people, not just ‘ideal client avatars’.
  • Through treating every brand I work with as a clean slate that requires a specific, well-researched strategy in order to create a riot of truly sustainable success.


“Before hiring Chanti, our copy was full of fluff and unpersuasive. After hiring her we started getting real results. Chanti created powerful promotional campaigns that increased revenue and helped build complex and high-converting email follow-up sequences to allow for automated income generation.

Working with Chanti was great. She is full of innovative and creative ideas which made collaborating on strategy both fun and easy. We got huge results—better conversions, tons of new leads, and funnels that actually made sense. If you get the chance to work with Chantelle,  DO IT. She's THAT good!”

   Babe Hoffarber  

Former Director of Marketing and Expansion for Panache Desai LLC, Founder at Profits and Partners

"Working with Chantelle was a dream. It is not too often that a copywriter gets your voice from the start and this was Chanti. She wrote copy for my sales pages, emails and funnels. She will take you to the next level. I promise.”

Rachel A. Feldman and

“Chanti is super knowledgeable and always meets my thorough research requirements. Some of the highlights of working together include various 1st-page Google rankings and a whole lot of new email subscribers. I’d like to recommend Chanti as a writer, but I don’t want to share her!”

Mark Williams 

CEO & Root and Sprouts

“Before working with Chanti I wasn’t confident with my copy at all. After working with her I’ve received more people interested in my services and reacting to my site with positive remarks. Her process is super streamlined and she delivered a product that adds extreme value to my site. I would recommend her to any business looking to expand their growth.

   Jeff McMahon  

Personal Trainer at Total Body Construction

“Chanti transformed my copy to perfectly reflect my brand. She’s super easy to work with. I feel like she got me right away. When I got the first draft of copy I was blown away, I felt like she captured my vision in a way that no one else including myself has ever been able to put in words. I couldn’t even find anything to revise!

   Elizabeth Nostvick Grooms  

Alignment Coach and Massage Therapist 

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