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The Line Up

Strategy & Funnel Mapping Session

So you’re ready to level up and get strategic about the outcomes you want to achieve? Well, it’s aboot time! (Sorry I’m Canadian.)

You bring everything you’ve got to the table: marketing materials, ideal client avatars, dreams, hopes, vision, and all the intense existential woes that come along with running a business. I ask you a kazillion questions that will help me lay out a framework and streamlined process that will help you zoom past your goals. 

The end result is a detailed map of your desired outcomes and a recommended course of strategic action that suits your business and your budget. This is an asset that you’ll have regardless of whether we work together after or not. 

*Recommended for all new clients 

Investment: $497 

Go from scattered to confident.

Create a solid framework to grow from.



Research-based, story driven conversion copy that hits all the right notes. 



The Record Deal  

Straight Up Conversion Copy

For when it’s time to make mad moola with compelling copy that converts. I’m not one of those writers that just says things that sound neat. Every word these fingers type out has two purposes:


  1. Connect with the people who need you.
  2. Compel and convert (Okay, three things.) 

I work with the 5 W’s, the same ones from grade 5 English class, ya know? I do my homework and deliver research-based and personality driven copy because the world doesn't need any more bureaucratic sounding shills or cliché clichés.

My favorite tracks:

  • Sales pages 
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Email sequences
  • Nurture sequences
  • Facebook ad copy
  • Webinar and video scripts
  • Website copy

Pricing starts at $597 

The Playlist

Funnel Creation, Optimization and Implementation

Funnels are my favorite thing ever. No not funnel cakes! Funnels that make you money and make life easier not rob you of digestive peace.  

Automation, when done right, is a business owner’s BFF. Imagine having space to create new offerings, take a spontaneous vacation or just chill out without worrying about your biz. Yep, I know you want that, who doesn’t?  

But the thing is, funnels are like fingerprints. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a funnel that’s designed to get results. That’s why working with someone who’s been around the block can make or break your swirly efforts.

Here's my funnel mixtape:

  • Framework and funnel maps
  • Tech implementation
  • Funnel creation
  • Funnel optimization

Pricing starts at $997 

Press play and let all the moving pieces dance you closer to freedom.



Create connection, build your authority and improve your SEO.



The Set List  

Content Marketing

I write meaningful personality driven content that people actually want to read. Laced with stories, interesting data and written for the web—no giant rambling paragraphs allowed. 

I typically work with clients on articles they can submit to publications as guest posts. My work has been featured in YFS Magazine, Mind Body Green, Positively Positive, Huff Po, Elephant, Thought Catalog, Buzzfeed and more.

Pricing starts at $197 

One Hit Wonder

Looking for something that’s not listed above? Reach out let's see if we can jam! 



Ice Ice Baby? 



Let's Rock!

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